All Foodie 5K fundraisers will receive some great Foodie 5K branded fundraising incentives!

Fundraising Tips 

Tip 1:  Network Mapping

Create a list of who you know, and how they might be able to help you reach your goals!

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Network Mapping Infographic

Tip 2:  The Ask

Learn to master the art of asking people to support your cause 

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The Ask Infographic

Tip 3:  Give thanks

Saying “thank you” is not only nice manners, it’s a great way to create more engagement with your campaign 

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Give Thanks Infographic

Tip 4:  Re-engage

Learn how to reach out to people who may have been less active in supporting your campaign 

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Following Up Infographic


More Helpful tips:

Keep Asking! Remember, you are asking fora hungry neighbor and NOT yourself. The moment you limit who you ask, you limit the amount you can raise.

Ask someone who can't participate to help you fundraise.

Make sure you are utilizing the online fundraising tools. SHARE through social media often!

Ask your employer if they have a matching gifts program.

Download the offline donation form and mail in with any cash and checks you collect.


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