Fundraising Tips - Raise $250 in 1 Week!

$1 = $8 of food graphic.jpg


Day 1: Show your commitment and contribute to yourself - $25

Day 2: Ask your parents, friends, colleagues, etc. to match your donation - $25

Day 3: Send the link to your fundraising page to other family members and ask them to donate - $50

Day 4: Call your two best friends and ask them to make a donation of $25 each - $50

Day 5: Ask EVERYONE in your social circle to donate at least $5 - $25

Day 6: Post the link to your fundraising page on Facebook and Twitter and ask your contacts to donate - $50

Day 7: Ask your hairstylist/dentist/doctor/neighbors to make a donation - $25

Food Truck MedalCONGRATULATIONS! You'll be rewarded with awesome fitness themed incentives. More details to come!

Helpful Tips:

  • Keep Asking! Remember, you are asking fora hungry neighbor and NOT yourself. The moment you limit who you ask, you limit the amount you can raise.
  • Ask someone who can't participate to help you fundraise.
  • Make sure you are utilizing the online fundraising tools. SHARE through social media often!
  • Ask your employer if they have a matching gifts program. 
  • Download the offline donation form and mail in with any cash and checks you collect.