Northern Illinois Food Bank's Virtual Food Drive

Hungry neighbor at Rock River Valley Food Pantry
Hungry neighbor at Rock River Valley Food Pantry

Winnebago Take 50 Fund

The Take 50 Food Fund for Winnebago County

In FY 16 Northern Illinois Food Bank distributed over 4.5 million meals in Winnebago County. However, we are only 55% of the way towards reaching our Winnebago distribution goal of 8 million meals per year by 2020, which would provide every meal, every day for every hungry neighbor.

Currently in Winnebago County, one in six residents, including one in four children, face food insecurity. To increase access to food for our member food pantries we are raising funds for a Take 50 Food Fund.

The Take 50 Food Fund gives network members -- food pantries, soup kitchens and, shelters -- a 50% credit for shared maintenance fees for food ordered from the Food Bank’s online shopping list. This doubles the amount of food our agencies can acquire with their limited resources. We have set a fundraising goal of $70,000, which will ensure our network partners in Winnebago County can have access to the 50% credit all year long. 

Your participation is invaluable. On behalf of the 5,900 individuals supported by the Food Bank weekly in Winnebago County, THANK YOU!

If you would prefer to donate via check or cash you may bring the donations with you to our Northwest Center (765 Research Parkway, Rockford, IL 61109) or mail to 273 Dearborn Court, Geneva, IL 60134. Please let us know your donation is for the Winnebago Take 50 Food Fund.

If you have any questions regarding Northern Illinois Food Bank or the Take 50 Food Fund, please contact Hester Bury at 630-443-6910 ext. 198 or

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