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Question - Not Required - The Food Bank is able to accommodate food donation pick-ups of 1,000+ lbs. (30 copy paper boxes) on Wednesdays. With at least a 7 day notice, choose your preferred Wednesday pick-up date.

Question - Required - I would like to pick up food drive collection boxes for my drive. (Boxes are 19.5" square and 34" tall)

Question - Required - I am interested in using food drive posters to help advertise my drive.

Question - Not Required - Which Northern Illinois Food Bank location would you like to visit to pick up your boxes/posters?

Question - Required - Northern Illinois Food Bank's approval of this registration form does not grant permission to the applicant to solicit food or fund donations on behalf of the Food Bank at or outside of any of our retail or other partners.

Question - Required - It is prohibited for anyone, other than Northern Illinois Food Bank employees, to create and issue any type of receipt (handwritten or otherwise) to the public without written consent from Northern Illinois Food Bank.

Question - Required - All uses of the Northern Illinois Food Bank logo must be approved by the Food Bank. We request five full business days to review and approve all collateral on which the Northern Illinois Food Bank logo and/or name appears.

Question - Required - I'm interested in learning more about meeting space opportunities at the food bank's West Suburban Center in Geneva and/or the Northwest Center in Rockford.

Question - Required - I'd like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities for Northern Illinois Food Bank's signature events.


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